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The Arizona Coyotes just hired a 25-year-old as their assistant general manager

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What have YOU done lately?

Having a good Friday night? Of course you're not. The Arizona Coyotes just made you feel either really old or really unproductive with your life.

Chayka is the founder of the sports analytics site, which features the tagline "Advanced hockey statistics that drive winning." Which is on point because HE'S 25 YEARS OLD AND BEATING US ALL AT LIFE.

The following is an incomplete list of things you were (or are) probably doing at that age:

  • Wondering when you were going to get out of college
  • Finally learning how to tie a tie
  • Eating Cheetos, watching First Take and tweeting mean things at Stephen A. Smith until mom came home
  • Working at your first low-level job! Good for you! Welcome to the workforce.
  • Definitely NOT running a PROFESSIONAL HOCKEY TEAM