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Angry Quebec Remparts fans throw trash on ice during Memorial Cup game

Only in Canada.

In case you somehow needed more proof that Canadians are more into hockey than anyone else on the planet, the fine folks in Quebec are here to provide it for you.

The Quebec Remparts are hosting the Memorial Cup this year, and the host team was playing the Kelowna Rockets on Friday for the right to play in the Canadian junior hockey championship game. Things went south quickly when the Rockets took a 4-1 lead and a Remparts player was ejected in the second period. Quebec fans decided to show their disgust by raining trash from the rafters.

As punishment, the referees gave Kelowna a penalty shot. But not before all of the trash was picked up!

If you think this is the worst fan outrage in Memorial Cup history, think again! At least the seats remained in the bleachers.

Canadian junior hockey fandom: where throwing popcorn and soda onto the ice during a playoff game isn't even the worst thing fans can remember happening!