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Blackhawks skate goal allowed for 'no distinct kicking motion'

Did Marian Hossa get away with an illegal goal?

Considering the hole they dug for themselves in Game 7, Ducks fans will likely be angry enough at their own team after Game 7 if Anaheim is eliminated. But they also might have reason to complain about the referees after a controversial skate kick led to a Blackhawks goal in the second period.

Midway through the frame, Marian Hossa looked like he'd turned a rebound into a 4-0 lead for the Blackhawks. But the play immediately went under video review, and it's not hard to see why:

Was Hossa just trying to dig in to slow down, or was that a deliberate kicking motion? It seemed hard to define despite multiple video angles, but the referees let the goal stand for a commanding 4-0 Blackhawks lead. Anaheim's night just keeps getting worse.