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Erie County police deny Patrick Kane accuser's rape kit was tampered with

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The charge is that the evidence in the Patrick Kane rape investigation was tampered with and left on the door step of the accuser's mother.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Erie County (N.Y.) police commissioner John Glascott denied the statements put forth Wednesday by the lawyer for the alleged victim in the ongoing Patrick Kane rape investigation. The lawyer claimed that the police evidence bag containing his client's rape kit was tampered with, a major development that could alter the course of the case.

However, Glascott says, "All evidence related to the case ... is accounted for and remains in its original packaging in the possession of the Erie County Central Police Services." The full statement is below.

Thomas Eonneau said in a press conference held Wednesday afternoon that the evidence bag was ripped open and delivered to the door step of the accuser's mother.

"This is a case about physical evidence," Eoannou said. "The rape kit evidence bag has been tampered with. That’s why we’re here today." He went on to say that he hopes the anonymous person who delivered the kit was being a "good Samaritan," and that he hopes the person comes forward with what they know.

Eoannou and his client are asking for an independent investigation of what he called a "breach."

Earlier this week, the Buffalo News reported that the rape kit had found no evidence of Kane's DNA, but that could be called into question if the tampering is confirmed by authorities.

Kane reported to training camp with the Blackhawks last week and made his preseason debut on Tuesday evening.

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