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The Internet beat the NHL and made John Scott an All-Star

Justice has been served.

Less than a week after the trade that broke the hockey community, the NHL announced that John Scott will in fact captain the Pacific Division All-Stars in Nashville. Despite all the hullabaloo that involved a three-team trade that ultimately left Scott in the Canadiens AHL team in Newfoundland with no call up in sight, the NHL listened to its fans and reason won the day.

The backlash against Scott's trade that seemingly imprisoned him in the AHL for no good reason other than righting what the NHL believed to be a fan vote gone wrong was staggering. We called it "callous" and "humorless" just this past weekend alone. A look inside the #FreeJohnScott hashtag on Twitter told you all you needed to know as to where the wind was blowing with the fans. It even invaded the NHL's Instagram page in full force days after the news broke last Friday.

But, after all of that, the NHL listened. While the league may be gritting its teeth over this, seemingly giving away a spot in the All-Star game to a bruiser who probably won't crack 20 goals in his career, they made the right call. For Scott, whose wife is expecting twins any day now, he will have the chance to play for $1 million in what will probably be his last career game in the NHL.

Quite the victory lap for Scott, and the fans that ultimately made this happen.