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Curtis McElhinney injures himself by randomly falling down on his own leg

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That did not look comfortable.

You can add random, unfair goalie injuries to the long list of misfortunes in the Columbus Blue Jackets' season after Curtis McElhinney's bizarre non-contact injury Saturday.

The Blue Jackets had battled the Washington Capitals to a 4-4 tie and overtime when the play came back into the Columbus zone. McElhinney must have simply lost his balance or something because he fell down randomly with nobody near him.

And he fell HARD. And awkwardly.


OUCH. That's how you injure your knees, kids. McElhinney lobbied for a few minutes to stay in the game, but trainers eventually convinced him that was a bad idea. Anton Forsberg replaced him in net, since starter Sergei Bobrovsky was placed on injured reserve earlier in the day.