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John Tortorella injured during outdoor Blue Jackets' practice after 'nasty' fall

He's reportedly fine, if shaken up.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The injury bug that's plagued the Columbus Blue Jackets all season now applies to their head coach.

John Tortorella was injured on Friday morning after a "nasty" collision with one of his players. The Blue Jackets were practicing outdoors in Winter Park in downtown Columbus, an annual tradition for the Blue Jackets and their fans. It's supposed to be fun!

But it took a scary turn when forward Rene Bourque reportedly lost his balance and collided with Tortorella, who fell onto the ice on his back. Blue Jackets president John Davidson told The Columbus Dispatch that Tortorella's back "locked up" and that he suffered possible hip injuries. He was assisted by trainers, who helped him off the ice.

Davidson later told the Dispatch that Tortorella would travel with the team to Boston, but later Tortorella was seen getting into an ambulance to go to the hospital to get "checked out."

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