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Aleksander Barkov was so happy about his extension that he had to tell Kevin Spacey

Their friendship runs deep.

The Florida Panthers clearly have faith in Aleksander Barkov. Florida has skipped right over a bridge deal -- what gets many young players from their entry level contracts to the money they'll make in their prime -- and announced on Monday that Barkov will receive a six-year, $35.4 million contract extension.

How did the news break, you ask? Barkov himself tweeted the deal to actor Kevin Spacey.

In case you might not know, Spacey and the Panthers go back a ways. This season, the Panthers started giving a Kevin Spacey sweatshirt to the MVP of a game. It's one of the weirdest player of the game traditions in the NHL, and no one really knows why, except apparently Spacey.

That exchange came before the start of the new year, but Barkov and Spacey have clearly bonded over the experience. It's one of those strange moments where social media brings together people you never expected to see interact in the limitless playground of the Internet.

We may not ever know what #SpaceyInSpace really means, but the online acquaintanceship between Barkov and Spacey is worth the mystery.