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Adorable Canadiens fan reaches peak levels of joy after getting a puck


If you've ever received a piece of sports memorabilia straight from a pro athlete, you know how awesome that feeling can be.

I have bad news for you. Your experience doesn't come close to matching a young Canadiens fan's joy on Tuesday.

During warmups, as the Habs got ready to face the Columbus Blue Jackets, a little Montreal fan was jumping up and down and begging one of the players to pass him the puck. Dale Weise was happy to oblige, but he had no idea how happy he just made the two boys. The reaction was amazing.


Good lord, is that adorable. That puck will never leave their sight for the rest of their life!

I mean, just look at this face. You could get him a puppy and he wouldn't cradle it so lovingly.



But then Brendan Gallagher had to go and ruin all the fun.