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NHL Skills Competition 2016: Time, TV schedule, events and live stream

All-Star weekend is here!

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Despite the absences of stars Alex Ovechkin and Jonathan Toews to injury and illness, the show must go on in Nashville! And indeed it will, with the first major event of the weekend set to take place later this evening with the NHL Skills Competition. It should be old hat to you all by now, but here are the six events that take place during the annual skills competition:

  • Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater: Pretty simple here. Four players from each of the four divisional teams will race in pairs around a half of the rink for the fastest time. The winners of each match will score a point, with the fastest skater of the evening earning an extra bonus point for his team.
  • Honda NHL Breakaway Challenge: Remember when Johnny Gaudreau tried to light his stick on fire but wasn't allowed to last year? It came in this event, where "style, creativity and flair are encouraged" according to the NHL. Five of the spots will be determined by the team's captains, with the sixth coming from a fan vote. The challenge scores a team one point for accruing the most fan votes in the arena.
  • DraftKings NHL Accuracy Shooting: Four skaters from each team will line up for this event, with two passers, and the shooters will try to hit four different targets situated in each corner of a net. The winners of each round get a point, then the team with the fastest shooter gains an extra point.
  • Gatorade NHL Skills Challenge Relay: Yes, this is the one with those little nets. This relay tests players with five challenges: One Timers, Passing, Puck Control, Stick-Handling and Goalie Goals. Three points are awarded in this event, with two going to the winners of the overall heats and one to the division with the fastest time.
  • AMP Energy NHL Hardest Shot: Right what it says on the tin. Four shooters from each team try to shoot the puck the hardest in the net. Simple, but one of the biggest events of the night.
  • Discover NHL Shootout: Works sort of like a normal shootout except there's a time limit and everyone gets a crack at the net. The teams alternate and get one point for every goal scored and two if they score with a Discover puck.
According to NBCSN's TV guide, the event is supposed to last two and a half hours. Set your DVRs accordingly!

NHL 2016 All-Star Skills Competition coverage

7 p.m. ET

Bridgestone Arena | Nashville, Tenn.


Streaming online:

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