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Flyers trade Vincent Lecavalier, Luke Schenn to Los Angeles Kings

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Lecavalier intends to retire after the season.

In one fell swoop, the Philadelphia Flyers managed to discard two of their most disappointing players on Wednesday, trading forward Vincent Lecavalier and defenseman Luke Schenn to the Los Angeles Kings.

In return, Los Angeles sent former 2010 third-round pick Jordan Weal and a 2016 third-rounder to Philadelphia.

The move for both players in Philadelphia was not unexpected. The 35-year-old Lecavalier had seen his ice time greatly reduced this season, only dressing for seven games. Lecavalier has only scored 28 goals in the three years since the Flyers signed him to a five-year, $22.5 million contract. The Flyers have agreed to take on 50 percent of both his and Schenn's remaining contracts in the trade.

Schenn came to the Flyers from the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2012 in exchange for James van Riemsdyk, and has seen decreasing ice time ever since as his play hasn't measured up.

Since being drafted by the Kings in 2010, Weal has yet to make his NHL debut despite putting up at least 20 goals and 65 points in the last two seasons in the American Hockey League.