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Here’s a list of things shirtless Joe Thornton and Brent Burns are probably doing in downtown Pittsburgh

Baseless (but fun) speculation time!

An intrepid Pittsburghian (Pittsburghite? American? Human) spotted two San Jose Sharks stars on Wednesday.

If you can’t identify them by their beards, then here’s your confirmation:

No shirt. The beards. The dad shoes on Thornton. There’s so much to examine here. So, as we did with Teemu Selanne last week, let’s baselessly speculate on what Joe Thornton and Brent Burns are doing in this picture!

  • playing Pokemon GO
  • heading to their Game of Thrones extras audition
  • searching for Jumbo Joe’s shirt
  • visiting Corey Perry (pictured)
  • demonstrating their ZZ Top/Red Hot Chili Peppers mashup Halloween costumes
  • making their way downtown / walking fast / faces pass / and they’re home-bound
  • marketing these awesome shirts
  • blocking bike traffic (this isn’t even speculation; LET THE POOR MAN PASS)
  • trying to enjoy a nice off-day in Pittsburgh without someone taking pictures of them at a traffic light, going viral and being judged on a sports website