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NHL scores 2016: Slow Monday night continues NHL’s biggest narratives

Montreal’s good, the Blackhawks’ PK is bad, and some other stuff happened along the way.

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard not to repeat ourselves when there were just two games being played on Monday night and we’ve already covered the biggest narratives from both pretty extensively.

So, instead of delving into the fact that the Montreal Canadiens are still the league’s No. 1 team and that the Blackhawks’ penalty kill continues to be bad, I’ll take you through some other things that happened on a quiet night across the NHL.

1. Steve Mason will take another loss on the season, though through no real fault of his own. The Flyers netminder matched Carey Price almost save for save, but a late penalty from Philadelphia unraveled it all in their 3-1 loss in Montreal.

Pretty frustrating to play your best game of the season, only to be going up against the best goaltender in the world at the other end of the ice.

2. Calgary pulled out a tough win in Chicago thanks to goals from youngsters Sam Bennett and Sean Monahan plus the stellar goaltending of Brian Elliott. The Flames now have two wins on the year, and this was Elliott’s first victory in net for Calgary. Elliott finally seemed more comfortable in net after an 0-3 start to the year, especially on some clutch saves late to get the Flames their first point of two on the evening.

That’s about it really, for fear of sounding like a broken record. We get it, Canadiens, you’re good again.


Canadiens 3, Flyers 1
Flames 3, Blackhawks 2 (SO)

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Three things we learned

1. Claude Giroux spoke for all Flyers fans

Yes, Price was that good Monday night. How good, you ask?

Yep, definitely one of the best.

2. Shea Weber can shoot a hockey puck really, really hard

We know Weber can blast hockey pucks up to 108 miles per hour, but I can’t ever remember seeing his shot snap a stick like this for a goal.

It’s a wonder how defenders can stand in front of him and block shots at all.

3. The Blackhawks penalty kill is becoming historically bad

I know I said I wouldn’t talk about it, but Chicago’s problems are concerning to say the least.

Impact Moment

The Blackhawks lost six-game rookie Gustav Forsling to an injury Monday night. This tough check slammed the defenseman hard into the glass, and both his head and wrist got crushed in the incident.

Stat of the Night