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Is Evgeni Malkin’s name misspelled on the Stanley Cup? No. But let’s investigate anyway.

SB Nation is all over this non-controversy.

As our lovely Pittsburgh Penguins blog relayed Wednesday afternoon, the Penguins’ 2015-16 Stanley Cup title is now engraved on the Stanley Cup. Forever.

No, really, the Penguins Tweeted about it so it’s official:

Awesome. That is the end of this post. Thank you for attending SB Nation dot co —

OH NO. Whatever could he mean?

Oh. That’s not good.

But engraving the Stanley Cup is a delicate, careful process. Sure, there have been a few instances of typos through the years. A quick Google search brings those up in a second.

But we’re not so sure this is a typo. We’re going to get to the bottom of this, Fvgeni Malkin. IF THAT IS INDEED YOUR REAL NAME.


The first to bring the object in question to light was none other than future United States president Penguins forward Phil Kessel on Instagram.

phil_kessel_81 on Instagram

Thanks to a unique new piece of Vox Media technology called the “zoom button,” we were able to hone in on FVEGENI himself.

And he was not all as he appeared.

This is what the Penguins don’t WANT you to see.

Either our mind is playing tricks on us, completing the letter, or that’s the faint imprint of an “_”. Or the bottom of an “E”. We don’t know the technical term.

So how unique is that?


As it turns out, fairly common! Here’s the 2000-01 Colorado Avalanche.

And here’s the Penguins from 2008-09. Just try and find Evgeni Malkin’s name. I even circled it for you.


Yeah, what they said. Our joint investigation is now concluded.