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The Sharks and Blue Jackets had to go to early intermission because of a power outage

Who wants to play hockey in the dark?

Most of the time, hockey games go off without a hitch. Sure, there are some technical missteps along the way, however not many of them stall a game to the extent of halting game play.

SAP Center, home of the San Jose Sharks, fell prey to a strange lighting mishap that caused the lights to go out during a stoppage of play in the final moments of the second period.

The lights only seemed to go out in the bowl, as the Sharks broadcasters made note that their lighting in the press box was normal.

SAP Center played some timely Halloween music with the Monster Mash. Even fans got into the new lighting pretty quickly.

Players and coaches alike all stood around looking confused for a few moments.

The lights were clearly coming back almost as soon as they were shut off, but they wouldn’t be up to full power in time so the officials sent both teams off for the second intermission with just under three minutes to play in the second.

The NHL came out and stated the specific rule that allowed the officials to stop play and continue after a scheduled break.

The game restarted again without a hitch, though the teams had to swap sides after the final 2:42 of the second period.