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President Obama congratulated the Penguins on their Stanley Cup win by making a Phil Kessel joke

Thanks, Obama!

News: Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins-White House Visit Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Remember the 2016 Stanley Cup Final? I’d like to forget it myself, but, if you recall, the Penguins won over the Sharks to secure their fourth Stanley Cup in franchise history.

Yet, what the Penguins didn’t have those other three times they won was the enigmatic, amazing Phil Kessel. During the team’s trip to the White House, President Obama acknowledged that most important aspect the only way he could, with some jokes.

"We are here to celebrate an extraordinary achievement. Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup champion."

Sadly no, Obama didn’t mention Kessel’s knockout tweet against Team USA. What a moment that would have been though. Still, Kessel was an integral part of the Penguins win and had many convinced he would have won the Conn Smythe Trophy as Pittsburgh’s playoff MVP.

This isn’t the first time Obama’s made jokes about hockey, either. Gotta love it.