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Capitals and Penguins trade Twitter burns ahead of their ‘Wednesday Night Rivalry’ game

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Pittsburgh and Washington are in the same division. They feature Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin. The Penguins knocked the Capitals out of the playoffs last season en route to a Cup.

And now they’re playing each other on Wednesday night, also known as NBC’s weekly “Wednesday Night Rivalry.” You may not have heard of it because rarely does it actually feature a rivalry.

Until now.


Unprovoked. Harsh. Yet, engulfed with fire. Surely the Capitals wouldn’t let this stand. Maybe they’ll reference the Discovery Channel.


Wow. Usually NBC’s Wednesday Night Rivalry games are easy joke fodder for featuring two teams who don’t care about each other. But this ...

... this, we need more of. Right now we’re scoring this battle as a draw until the Penguins launch their counterattack.