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Blue Jackets player leaves pool of blood after blocking shot, then scores winning goal


On one hand, Columbus Blue Jackets forward Matt Calvert made a pretty good play on Friday night.

When New York Rangers defenseman Ryan McDonagh wound up for a slap shot, Calvert was right in the shooting lane to block it. Only, McDonagh’s shot rode up high. And Calvert was not ready for that.

That was terrifying. But not as terrifying as the pool of blood he left as trainers rushed from the bench to tend to him.


The following picture may be too graphic if you don’t like blood. It’s not awful, but that’s where I’m at. Tread cautiously.


Man. That bring back memories of Clint Malarchuk. (Don’t Google that. I beg you.) Luckily, Calvert got right up and skated off to the locker room for maintenance.


Calvert returned in the second period with stitches.

And then, with the game tied at 2-2 late in the third period and the Blue Jackets on the penalty kill, he did this.


So Matt Calvert takes one for the team, takes 30 stitches (!!!!!!) for the team and then scores the game-winning goal for the team. Oh, and let’s not forget the scar for the team:

What a guy.