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A minor league player in Tucson collapsed on the ice and was stretchered off after apparent seizure

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The Tucson Roadrunners’ captain collapsed just moments before puck drop.

Update: Coyotes general manager John Chayka put out a statement on Cunningham, who is receiving treatment at a local hospital.

An AHL game in Tucson has been postponed after Roadrunners’ captain Craig Cunningham suffered an apparent seizure moments before puck drop. Cunningham collapsed before the start of the Roadrunners’ game against the Manitoba Moose and had to be attended to by paramedics.

Cunningham was taken off on a stretcher and the paramedics were reportedly seen using CPR on the Roadrunners’ captain as he was taken off the ice. The medical staff also had to cut through his jersey in an attempt to assist the fallen Cunningham.

The teams both went to their dressing rooms after the incident, but the game was eventually postponed after a delay of over 15 minutes.