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The Dallas Stars ranked various shades of blue and got it all wrong

Periwinkle is not blue.

I have a bone to pick with the Dallas Stars arena crew. Call it trivial, but as the No. 1 fan of the color blue, I need to stick up for my favorites.

During a break in the Stars' 6-2 romp of the St. Louis Blues, the American Airlines Center team made this honestly quite ingenious ranking of the greatest blues of all time:

OK, we can toss Brett Hull aside here because sure, he's the greatest Blues player. However, I call shenanigans on the rest of these rankings.

Periwinkle at No. 2 is atrocious for being a more purple-blue-based color. Cobalt and cyan are acceptable, but royal blue is just too bland. A cerulean or Persian blue, or even true blue, is well above periwinkle and royal blue.

Thankfully, the Dallas crew didn’t disgrace itself by picking an iris or electric indigo, which are clearly not blue. Yet as I'm someone who just looked up all the shades of blue on Wikipedia, you can most definitely trust my rankings more than those guys in Dallas.