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Four hockey players recreated the iconic dance scene from ‘Mean Girls’

Jingle Bell Rock, indeed!

Ah, the holiday season is here. A time for joy, family, gift giving, and debating over what qualifies as a Christmas movie. It’s also that time of year when athletes do absurd things in support of their team’s social media hijinks.

The South Carolina Stingrays from the ECHL are one such team, who upped the ante this year after performing “Jingle Bell Rock” on ice, in skates, and in the style of the 2004 classic Mean Girls.

For those unaware of the reference these guys are making, the dance is stripped almost move for move from a scene in the movie. It’s a hilarious video on its own, as four hockey players dancing in Santa hats is already a kick, but add the extra layer of Mean Girls, and you’ve got yourself a hit.

Four for you, South Carolina. You go, South Carolina!