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NHL referee tells player to shut up 'for f***s sakes' in Epix miniseries

Ryan Reaves got told off.

Epix’s annual “Road to the NHL Outdoor Classics” documentary series premiered on Friday evening. As you might recall from past years and the HBO “24/7” series, these things are can’t-miss TV for hockey fans, if only for the inside look at the irreverent language on and off the ice.

The first episode of this year’s series delivered one particular scene showing the St. Louis Blues’ road win in New Jersey on Dec. 9. Blues grinder (and, OK, pest) Ryan Reaves scored the go-ahead goal. And he started the third period chirping at Devils veteran Vernon Fiddler.

That’s when the referee interrupted him in a great exchange.

Here’s the transcript:

Reaves (to Fiddler): Check the wheels, Vern! You’re turning to dust, you’re so f***ing old.

Referee (to Reaves): Reaver. Don’t even talk to him. You’ve got the game-winner now, for f***’s sakes. You’re a goal-scorer.

Reaves could not be filmed for his next comments. Or, was not. We’ll never know if he kept at it. But what a put-down, nonetheless!