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Ben Bishop injured on seemingly harmless stretch save

The Lightning goaltender has a history of groin injuries.

A tiny, seemingly routine hockey play has caused Ben Bishop a great load of pain. Enough pain that the Tampa Bay starting goaltender removed himself from a game between the Lightning and Red Wings after just 12 minutes of hockey.

A shot from Nick Jensen — who was just moments into his NHL debut — went wide on Bishop, but the extension of his right leg seemed to cause the goaltender some real distress.

It’s hard to tell exactly what goes wrong for Bishop, but a few guesses can be made in the right leg or groin area. Bishop is no stranger to groin injuries either, as he played through a tear back in the 2015 playoffs.

Bishop was belly-first on the ice for a few moments before skating off on his own power into the dressing room. Andrei Vasilevskiy took over in net for Tampa Bay after Bishop made four saves in those opening 12 minutes.