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The Winter Classic could be delayed by a day thanks to unseasonable weather in St. Louis

NBC and the NHL have a plan should bad weather delay the game on Monday.

Colorado Rockies v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

St. Louis might have to wait a day longer for their first Winter Classic should the weather not cooperate on Monday. The Blues are scheduled to face the Blackhawks at noon in Busch Stadium for the NHL’s annual outdoor game — well, one of them anyway — but the game could be delayed until Tuesday thanks to some unseasonal weather.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported the news Thursday evening that if the weather for Monday’s day game was unsuitable, the Winter Classic would be moved to an evening game on NBCSN.

Currently, the weather forecast for St. Louis has an 80 percent chance of rain — with possible thunderstorms — and a high of near 60 degrees.

The Winter Classic has been delayed to the evening before, but never moved to a different date because of weather. The 2011 Winter Classic in Pittsburgh was moved from a 1 p.m. start to an 8 p.m. start thanks to the threat of warm weather and rain.

The playability of the game isn’t the only concern for the NHL and NBC, as they’ll have almost 44,000 or more fans traveling to the stadium in potential bad weather. According to the Post-Dispatch, NBC Sports officials aren’t troubled by prospect of unseasonable temperatures and rain.

“We’ve dealt with it before, so we’ll deal with it again if we have to,” said Jon Miller, president of programming for NBC Sports. “If we do run into rain on Monday we will stay as long as we can. We’ll play it Monday night if necessary and if we can’t get any play in on Monday, we’ll carry it over and we’ll play it on Tuesday.

“We’re hopeful that everything cooperates. We’ve all been looking at the weather, we’re all well aware of what the pitfalls are.”

It’ll likely be a waiting game on Monday to see if conditions improve, like every weather delay in sports so pack your patience, hockey fans.