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Blackhawks sign local amateur goalie after Corey Crawford’s appendectomy

Eric Semborski is having quite the weekend.

The Chicago Blackhawks are having a bizarre Saturday in Philadelphia.

The first reason is that they’re wearing their red jerseys on the road. The second, and obviously more important, reason is that starting goalie Corey Crawford is out of the lineup due to an emergency appendectomy. According to the team doctor, Crawford showed up this morning with symptoms and will remain in the hospital for a few days as he recovers.

That means the Blackhawks needed an emergency backup in case something happened to regular backup Scott Darling. Up stepped Eric Semborski.

Semborski, 23, is a former club hockey player for Temple University. He also spent time with the Empire Junior Hockey League, backstopping the Jersey Wildcats. That league no longer exists. How NHL teams find these guys is beyond me.

What makes this all the more interesting is that Semborski is wearing number 50, which is Crawford’s number. So that clearly means they just slapped his name on a spare Crawford jersey.

It’s highly doubtful Semborski actually plays unless Darling seriously gets hurt, but this must be quite a moment for him.