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Carolina Hurricanes sign their equipment manager as an emergency backup goalie

Jorge Alves even made an awesome mask for the game!

The Carolina Hurricanes went in-house to solve a goalie dilemma on New Year’s Eve.

With regular backup Eddie Lack feeling ill on Saturday, the Hurricanes needed to find a replacement to backup starter Cam Ward against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Trying to get a call-up done late in the afternoon on New Year’s Eve is next to impossible, so they turned to their 37-year-old equipment manager.

First of all, how nice that you can sign contracts on iPhones now! Super convenient. And Alves is pretty experienced at the position: he played for N.C. State in 2002-03 and played in the ECHL for a few years before becoming the Hurricanes’ equipment manager. He probably thought his NHL dreams were over.

Nope! But the best part of this story is his mask, which he had custom-made just for this occasion.

Goalie, equipment guru and artist. Jorge Alves is a gem. And now he might play on Saturday. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have other duties to perform.

The Hurricanes fell, 3-1, but they gave Alves the chance of a lifetime with seconds remaining.

Jorge Alves can now officially call himself an NHL goaltender. And he got pretty choked up about it after the game. What a great moment for the guy.