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NHL scores 2016: Connor McDavid racks up another incredible night against Toronto

Making five-point nights look easy is something only McDavid can do.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Connor McDavid is not Wayne Gretzky.

Let's just get that out of the way.

The comparisons are already pretty insufferable. McDavid hasn't been back from injury for more than two weeks and fans and media are stretching to turn him into something he's not and probably will never be.

On one hand, though, I suppose I don't blame them. McDavid came into the league with high expectations and has managed to exceed them every moment he's been on the ice.

He's played 20 games and registered 24 points, including two goals and three assists on Friday in the Edmonton Oilers' 5-2 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs. McDavid is on a 95-point pace. It's not hard to believe he could have actually achieved that mark had he not broken his clavicle a month into the season. His 1.20 points per game rate would lead the league by a mile, and it's not entirely unreasonable that he could sustain that pace.

I mean, it's completely unreasonable. But then you watch him rack up five points on the Maple Leafs on Thursday and think to yourself it's kind of reasonable.

And I guess that's where the Gretzky comparison dies down. McDavid is never going to touch Gretzky's numbers. Nobody ever will. He's not Gretzky.

But that's OK. Because he's Connor McDavid, and that seems pretty damn special too.


Islanders 5, Kings 2

Flyers 5, Sharks 1

Blue Jackets 4, Ducks 3 (SO)

Avalanche 4, Senators 3

Capitals 4, Wild 3

Bruins 6, Jets 2

Stars 4, Blackhawks 2

Oilers 5, Maple Leafs 2

Flames 6, Sharks 5 (SO)

3 things we learned

1. The Maple Leafs and Oilers defenders can be hilariously awful at their jobs

Exhibit A: Matt Hunwick.

Exhibit B: Justin Schultz.

2. Joel Quenneville is capable of terrifying faces

3. Mark Streit is capable of penalty history

We never got an official confirmation on this from NHL public relations, but Mark Streit had to break some sort of record when he took a second penalty while he was STILL IN THE PENALTY BOX.


Impact Moment

We got TWO natural hat tricks on Thursday. You might not be surprised to learn one of them was from Alex Ovechkin.

The other one? From the Stars' Patrick Eaves, who blitzed the Blackhawks for a trio of tallies in the first period alone.

Stat of the Night