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Nikita Kucherov had a player draped all over him on a breakaway, and he scored anyway

The Lightning's leading scorer strikes again.

When faced against any team's leading scorer, one should do all they can to take away any scoring chances they might get. Unfortunately for Predators defenseman Ryan Ellis, there was going to be no stopping Nikita Kucherov on this play.

In a key spot for the Lightning tied 1-1 with the visiting Predators, Kucherov's one-handed breakaway tally was a big one. Not only was he able to hold off the defending Ellis, the Lightning's leading scorer also drew a penalty on the play. It was all negated, however, by Kucherov's ability to poke the puck through the five-hole of netminder Pekka Rinne for the leading 2-1 score.

However, the play doesn't happen without Nikita Nesterov's gorgeous breakout feed from behind the net that spanned half of the ice before catching Kucherov right at center ice.

Now that is how you do a textbook breakaway goal.