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Junior hockey team manages to fire the same coaches twice in one season

The Flint Firebirds drama continues.

Graig Abel/Getty Images

Boy, are the Flint Firebirds a mess off the ice.

The newest major junior hockey team in the Ontario Hockey League made headlines earlier this season when owner Rolf Nilsen fired the entire team's coaching staff after a win because they weren't giving his son enough ice time.

But the story ended on a good note when the players revolted, marched to the owner's office and quit the team, forcing Nilsen to re-hire the coaches. He even signed them to three-year contract extensions!

But on Wednesday, the incredible happened:

Yes, you read that right. A sports team just "re-fired" their coaches. In the same season.

Nilsen says he fired the coaches for team performance this time, but still. Congrats, Flint. Your hockey team probably just made a sports first.

UPDATE: This situation is far from over. Looks like a second players revolt took place and no one showed up to the mandatory morning skate, except the owner's son. The Firebirds are scheduled to play against the Erie Otters tonight.

Less than an hour after the details of the player's practice revolt, the OHL suspended the owner of the Flint Firebirds and handed down various sanctions on the club.