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John Scott says NHL analyst Mike Milbury needs to lose weight to play him in a movie

Another NBCSN host burned.

The 2016 NHL All-Star game is over and done with. Its hero, John Scott, is off to the minor leagues of the American Hockey League. Real games started up again.

And yet Scott still manages to steal the spotlight for the best reasons.

Scott was interviewed by Liam McHugh on NBCSN on Tuesday night, and was asked about who should play him in a movie about his career. Without skipping a beat, Scott suggested NBCSN host Mike Milbury, but "he'd have to lose some weight."

The quote is around the 4:16 mark in the interview below.

This makes two prominent NBC studio personalities that Scott's roasted in the last three days. You might recall that Scott roasted Jeremy Roenick to his face during the All-Star Game.

Watch out, Keith Jones and Liam McHugh. John Scott is probably coming for you next.

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