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Flyers defenseman Radko Gudas ejected for clipping Canadiens winger

Is a suspension coming?

Radko Gudas is only two months removed from his latest suspension, but the Philadelphia Flyers defenseman found himself in hot water again on Tuesday.

With his team leading the Montreal Canadiens by a goal midway through the third period, Gudas moved to cut off a Canadiens rush up the ice before it reached the offensive zone. As Canadiens winger Lucas Lessio brought the puck up, Gudas closed in and went for a hip check.

Instead, he mistimed it and clipped Lessio in the knee. Lessio was not pleased.


He was also injured, and required two trainers' support in getting off the ice. Interestingly, no call was initially made on the play, even though two referees were clearly watching it unfold. The Flyers even gained control of the puck before a stoppage and TV timeout stopped the game. It wasn't until during the break that Gudas was given a five-minute major for clipping and a game misconduct.

Gudas is probably already on thin ice with the league's disciplinary board. In December, he was suspended for three games after a reckless headshot concussed Ottawa Senators forward Mika Zibanejad.

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