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Junior hockey player handcuffed and arrested midgame after spitting in referee's face

This is definitely a no-no.

Hockey players are allowed to fight each other. That's part of the beauty of the sport, depending on who you talk to of course.

One thing hockey players can't do? Go after the officials on the ice.

Olivier Marcotte of the Junior AA Hockey-Experts in Sherbrooke, Quebec, came dangerously close to scrapping with an official midgame, and it landed him in handcuffs.

(via Journal de Montreal)

What prompted Marcotte's arrest? He spit in a referee's face, according to Journal de Montreal. Marcotte was then detained by on site police before he could do any more damage and was led off the ice.

Via CBC News, "no complaint has been laid against the player and there will be no further action from the police unless one is filed."

Considering how the NHL takes slights against their officiating crew, Marcotte will be lucky not to face any sort of suspension from Junior AA.

(h/t Puck Daddy)