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The St. Louis Blues are trying to entice jilted Rams fans with cheap tickets

City solidarity at work!

Earlier in January, the St. Louis Rams lost their football team in a relocation move to Los Angeles. Relocation is a downer for any sport, as Atlanta Thrashers fans could tell you back in 2011, but the St. Louis Blues are sticking by their football brethren by offering a special offer for Rams ticket holders.

The deal, laid out on the Blues' website, gives hockey fans a chance to recruit their Rams friends by helping them buy a select group of three games. Seven games are listed for the specialty package, and should you decide to call them about it today then both parties will get a free ticket to the Blues game against the Rangers tonight!

Even if you don't do it today, there's still an option for a free hockey ticket for everyone involved if you refer a Rams fan for the package and they decide to take it up.

Another big selling point of this deal is the $75 Blues jersey for Rams season ticket holders, a bargain deal for sweaters that normally run north of $150.

The gesture by the Blues is a sweet plan to bring new hockey fans into the fold and a wonderful move of solidarity between sports families in St. Louis.

(h/t Sarah Connors)