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Flyers goalie makes miraculous, diving stick save with 3 seconds left in the game

Save of the year nominee?

Philadelphia Flyers goalie Michal Neuvirth almost had the save of the year early on Thursday, but it turned out that his defenseman beat him to the puck.

No worries! Neuvirth came back and made a spectacular, game-saving stop anyways in the dying seconds of the Flyers' win over Minnesota.

The Wild poured on pressure with less than ten seconds left, and managed to find winger Charlie Coyle at the left circle with a gaping net in front of him.

Somehow, some way, Neuvirth managed to make the save.


With 2.9 seconds left, no less! This was not without some controversy, however. Did the puck actually cross the line before Neuvirth deflected it with his stick? The camera angles were unclear:


That's an optical illusion since the camera is set slightly above and behind the goal line. The final one seemed to seal the deal for the officials:


Whether it was the correct call or not, there's no question it's one of the most remarkable saves of the season.

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