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The Canadiens are so bad they're refusing to name a January player of the month

You're not fooling anyone here, Montreal.

For those of us in the crowd that do not speak French, the above tweet says the following:

"The Canadiens will not be giving the Molson Cup (award given to the best player of the month) to any players for the month of January"

The link attached to the tweet gives a bit more explanation, that they'll be awarding the trophy after February because of the three-way tie between Brendan Gallagher, Max Pacioretty and Lars Eller, as they have the same number of first and third stars of the game in the month of January.

But really, we all know why. A putrid 3-7-1 record in the month of January for one of the worst stretches in franchise history has put the Canadiens in a tailspin that has dropped them from first overall to the ninth worst team in the league. PR gotta PR, I suppose.