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The Kings scored nine goals on the Bruins and showed no mercy

The worst loss of any team this year.

The Boston Bruins knew former player Milan Lucic would be returning for the first time as an opponent on Tuesday.

They had no idea he'd bring a goal-scoring onslaught along with him.

By the end of the game, the Los Angeles Kings had touched up the Bruins in a 9-2 win. Yep. You read that right. The Kings scored NINE GOALS. No team has done that in more than two years.

Let's do some forensic analysis on this extremely rare hockey occurrence.

It started innocently enough. Boston scored first!

And then it spiraled out of control.



Maybe they should switch goalies!


Well, at least Lucic won't score on his old tea-OH NO


Surely the Kings were done. Right?


Wrong. Have some mercy!


There was none to be had. Sorry, Bruins. You just suffered the worst loss any NHL team will suffer this season.