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President Obama is still heckling the Canadian prime minister over whose country is better at hockey

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"In case you were wondering."

President Barack Obama is a well known Chicago sports fan. Considering the Chicago Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup three times in the last six years, you could say he's pretty pleased with his hometown team, and by extension, the United States of America.

With new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visiting from Canada, you knew there were going to be jibes thrown. He already poked some fun when the Blackhawks came to visit the White House last month:

"It is always fun to have the Stanley Cup here," Obama said. "By the way, we've got a state dinner with Canada coming up, so we might just leave it right in the middle of the room -- to gloat a little bit."

Predictably, Trudeau fired back with Canada's recent Olympic success over the United States -- and that's not even counting the women's hockey gold won back in 2014.

However, Obama most definitely dropped the mic when he got to rib Trudeau in person when speaking to the media on Thursday.

Not only did Obama take a swipe at whose beer is better, he also laid down some truth as to which country is better at hockey.

Spoiler alert: It's been almost 23 years since Canada last hoisted the Stanley Cup and as of today, no Canadian team is slated to make the playoffs this year. Clearly, it's the United States.

You tell him, Obama.