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Panthers winger ‘love taps’ Erik Karlsson, immediately gets slashed in retaliation

Both players were penalized.

Florida Panthers winger Jonathan Huberdeau might've been penalized on Thursday for slashing, but there's little doubt that Erik Karlsson was the real victim.

The Ottawa Senators captain got into a minor incident with Huberdeau midway through their game. Huberdeau lost the puck at center ice, and gave chase when Karlsson recovered it and tried to maneuver through the zone. After a few stick whacks failed to dislodge the puck, Huberdeau just gave up and gave Karlsson a "love tap," as the Panthers broadcast called it.

love tap

Can't really blame Erik Karlsson for responding that way. This isn't exactly spearing, but it's close enough to declare the groin-related infraction epidemic is alive and well in the NHL!