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Forget pads and gloves, the Canucks' goaltender is making saves with his bare hands

This isn't something you see every day.

For how much of a fuss goaltenders get for the copious amounts of protection they wear, Jacob Markstrom proved to the world that you can, in fact, make a save without a key element of goaltending equipment.

Markstrom upped the ante after making a save without one of the most important pieces of gear a goaltender needs, their glove!

Markstrom loses his glove -- thankfully the one not actually used for catching, the one containing the blocker -- earlier in the sequence against the Jets. It's a good few seconds between the time Markstrom loses his glove and when the play finally ends with the puck held securely in his bare hand. He even tries to wave to the referees to show he was missing an important bit of equipment!

As cool as this is, we wouldn't recommend this on any high-velocity shots, though.