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Canadiens rookie tries to yank Sabres goalie's mask off, somehow doesn't immediately die

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Not many players get away with that.

We'll say this for Montreal Canadiens rookie Mike McCarron: he's not afraid to tempt serious NHL retribution.

The Buffalo Sabres and Montreal Canadiens played a testy, tense game for the better part of 40 minutes on Wednesday. But apart from a few shoves, nothing boiled over until the final minute of the second period.

That's when things got fun. Canadiens winger Lars Eller got into it with Sabres winger David Legwand, setting off the biggest scrum of the night around the Sabres' net. The highlight of it was Sabres goalie Robin Lehner taking on the hulking 6'6 McCarron. McCarron had none of it.


Unsurprisingly, that set off another scrum centered around McCarron. Something tells us a goalie fight looms between these two teams.