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Sabres goalie gave Canadiens goalie an open invitation to fight next season

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We can't wait for that game.

We didn't quite get a goalie fight on Wednesday night in Buffalo, but the postgame comments from the two involved netminders almost made up for it.

Late in the second period of the Montreal Canadiens' win over the Sabres, a scrum developed near the net of Buffalo goalie Robin Lehner. When Lehner shoved a Canadiens rookie, Habs netminder Ben Scrivens looked ready to drop the gloves with his counterpart.

Nothing came of it, and even though the two shared some words after the period finished, no fight was had in the third period or overtime, either.

Lehner and Scrivens are clearly friends off the ice, but that didn't keep Lehner from calling out the Habs' netminder after the game.

For his part, Scrivens was much more light-hearted about the incident during postgame, though he did go so far as to call Lehner "a bit of a psycho:"

Here's his full comments:

"At the end of the day, friends off the ice aren't friends on the ice ... (I'm) a bit fortunate, he's a big boy, a bit of a psycho but he's a good guy. I guess I'm kind of lucky I didn't have to go down, but I would've if my teammates needed it."

If you had money on the Canadiens-Sabres game being the most entertaining game of the week on and off the ice then congratulations, you're a very rich person.