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Panthers celebrate 'Spacey in Space' by giving away cutouts of Kevin Spacey's head

We've come full circle, folks!

What was a little inside joke between members of the Florida Panthers has turned into a full on phenomenon for their fans. All within the span of a few months, a sweatshirt bearing the face of actor Kevin Spacey has jumped from locker room award to rallying cry.

After teases between Spacey and the Panthers -- including a video of the actor with a custom sweater set to Fetty Wap that went live earlier this week -- it's become a reality. Florida is celebrating the new "Spacey in Space" tradition by giving away -- what else -- cutouts of Spacey's head for everyone to enjoy!

Not only are they giving away cutouts, they're also selling the famous "Spacey in Space" sweatshirts for $44.99, with all proceeds going to the Florida Panthers Foundation and the Kevin Spacey Foundation.

There's even rumors that Spacey himself is attending the game and will make an appearance some time during the contest against the Red Wings on Saturday. Let's just hope fans hopes don't fold like a house of cards if this rumor turns out to be false.

Update: He's here! And he's wearing the infamous sweatshirt, because of course.

(h/t @JamesonCoop)