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Roberto Luongo makes save on ex-teammate and immediately taunts him about it

Luongo is the best.

Jimmy Hayes and Roberto Luongo go way back. Both joined the Florida Panthers around the same time two years ago and must have some semblance of friendship.

Or, at least, they did. Luongo certainly tested it on Thursday in a hilarious way. Hayes was traded to the Bruins a year ago, but the two came face-to-face with the Panthers in Boston. In the final seconds of the second period, Hayes got a terrific scoring chance on Luongo's doorstep, but the veteran netminder made one heck of a save to keep it out.

And then he taunted Hayes in a childish yet awesome way only Roberto Luongo could get away with.

Can't wait to see what Luongo has to say about this on Twitter later. Knowing him, it will likely involve a poop reference or emoji.