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Referees disallow Bruins goal for 'inconclusive evidence' despite obvious conclusive evidence

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How did they miss this?

For the most part, the NHL's new coach's challenge has been a pretty good success story. Coaches, players and officials across the league can probably agree it works most nights.

But when it doesn't, it gets ugly.

The Boston Bruins thought they had tied the Florida Panthers in the third period on Thursday. With the Bruins down 2-1, center Patrice Bergeron tried to stuff the puck in off the post on Panthers goalie Roberto Luongo.


It looked like it was a goal, but the officials went to a lengthy review to find evidence that it didn't cross the goal line. They said they didn't ...

... but then there's this:

Considering the Bruins and Panthers are jockeying for the Atlantic Division title in a three-horse race with the Tampa Bay Lightning, that goal (or non-goal) was not insignificant.