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Duncan Keith ejected for swinging stick at Wild player's face

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Will the Department of Player Safety get involved?

Already down Corey Crawford and Brent Seabrook on Tuesday, the Blackhawks quickly lost their best defenseman for a senseless penalty.

Early in the first period, Duncan Keith got tangled up with Wild forward Charlie Coyle. Coyle wrangled Keith to the ground behind the play, and Keith quickly retaliated with a stick swipe at Coyle's face.


Here's another look, though the camera really doesn't do the viewer (or the league in review, really) any favors:


Coyle was bleeding but otherwise fine as he returned to the bench. Keith was assessed a five-minute major for high-sticking and a match penalty for intent to injure. Any sort of suspension wouldn't be ideal for the injury-ridden Blackhawks heading into the playoffs.

Keith has been suspended twice: one game for high sticking in 2013 and five games for an elbow to the head in 2012, which will likely play into the review process by the Department of Player Safety.