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Henrik Lundqvist got so mad at the referees he just shoved the net off its moorings

Veteran move.

If you're a veteran netminder with plenty of reputation as an elite player, you can get away with some things in the league. But not all of them.

Midway through the second period, the Pittsburgh Penguins drove up the ice and created a prime scoring chance on the New York Rangers. A Rangers defenseman broke it up, but he still strafed goalie Henrik Lundqvist in the act.

Lundqvist was either injured or just upset with what happened, because when the referees didn't immediately whistle the play dead he just took matters (and the net) into his own hands:

Yeah, he was probably just trying to earn a stoppage. But I prefer to think we witnessed an epic KING HENRIK SMASH moment. Don't ruin the narrative.