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Oilers defenseman takes a helmet-less Flyers player to the ice

This is highly reckless.

Edmonton Oilers defenseman Adam Pardy did something on Thursday that drew the immediate ire of officials and opponents.

A very confusing sequence of events occurred in the third period between the Oilers and Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday. The two sides got heated, and most of the players on the ice converged in a scrum along the benches after a Flyer was shaken up. Taylor Hall shoved Flyers captain Claude Giroux to the ice, which was one thing.

But then Pardy took a helmet-less Brayden Schenn to the ice over Giroux's body head-first.


That is so dangerous. That's how concussions happen, folks. Sure, he tried to cup Schenn's head as they fell but he also ripped it off as they fell in the first place. Pardy wasn't initially penalized, but Giroux was so mad he kept himself on the ice to pick a fight with Hall.


Luckily, the referees fixed their mistake, put Pardy in the penalty box and the game returned to some semblance of normalcy.