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Dustin Byfuglien flattens and injures a Senators forward with a thunderous hit

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Mark Stone did not return with a chest injury.

We saw Dustin Byfuglien before Mark Stone did on Wednesday.

The Ottawa Senators winger was trying to chase down a puck in the neutral zone along the boards when he looked up and saw a very large human bearing down on him. He couldn't get out of the way before the Winnipeg Jets defenseman buried him.


Stone's teammates reacted just about how you'd expect them too after a big hit like that. Stone left the ice and eventually returned, but then did not come back out for the third period due to a "chest injury." And when you watch it at full speed, you can see just how violent the collision was:


Here's hoping Stone is alright.

UPDATE: Stone is staying in a Winnipeg hospital overnight Wednesday.