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Panthers fans couldn't stop chucking rubber rats on the ice so the team drew a penalty

You can never trust a rat (giveaway).

In honor of the 20-year anniversary of the Panthers Rat Trick -- a tradition that came about during the 1995-96 season when the Panthers went to the Stanley Cup Final -- Florida decided to give away rubber rats to celebrate the historic occasion.

For context, what started as one fan throwing a fake rat back in 1995 turned into a full blown hockey tradition within the season. Ever since, rats have popped up at Panthers games and eventually the NHL had to change the rules that penalized teams when fans throw objects onto the ice!

So of course, history had to come full circle when the Panthers scored not once but twice on Rat Trick night.

Despite being warned after the first goal, Panthers fans did it again! And the referees followed through on their warning by giving Florida a delay of game penalty in a key spot against the Devils.

In fact, they were delayed twice after the Panthers scored once more in the third period!

I mean, really, what were the Panthers expecting on this giveaway night?