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Dion Phaneuf gets emotional as Maple Leafs fans honor him with a video tribute

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The former Leafs captain visited Toronto for the first time as a Senator.

He may have presided over one of the worst stretches in franchise history, but the Toronto Maple Leafs made sure to honor former captain Dion Phaneuf on Saturday night all the same.

Phaneuf was traded to the Ottawa Senators as part of Toronto's rebuilding process on February 9. He returned to Toronto for the first time as a Senator on Saturday night, and got emotional as the fans applauded him in the first period.

And then a few minutes later, Phaneuf got five minutes for fighting one of his old teammates. About as fitting a return to Toronto could get for the former captain.

Phaneuf spent seven seasons in Toronto after a trade from the Calgary Flames in the 2009-10 season. In 423 games with the Leafs, Phaneuf scored 45 goals and registered 196 points while accumulating 598 penalty minutes.

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